How Can I Save Money with a Low Income?

How Can I Save Money with a Low IncomeWe collect 5 top rules on how to save money if your level income is low. Even if you make even one requirement as a rule you will achieve some money savings.

Rule#1: Make up lists

Think back to your shopping trips. Let’s say you need to buy bread, milk and cheese. And at the checkout, you find in the basket cookies, chips, other snacks, a special offer shampoo and some other items. Congratulations, you’ve trapped into all the traditional marketing tricks. They know their job well – it is very difficult to resist advertising traps. To avoid unnecessary purchases, write lists and strictly follow them. If you don’t have time to write lists, here’s a life hack – do it gradually. The toilet paper ran out – they made a note on the phone, finished the oatmeal – add it to the list, as well. A phone is more convenient than a notepad or a piece of paper on the refrigerator. Your phone is always with you. It is impossible to forget him. When you’re in the store, just open the note and buy whatever you need.

Rule#2: Check rates and other recurring payments

Very often, your rates for Internet or other house utility bills are far from the most profitable. You connected it a few years ago, since then the company has probably improved its offers for subscribers. Check if you have any options connected to the standard rate? Unnecessary ones can be discontinued. In general, anything that takes your money but doesn’t add value should be discontinued.

Rule#3: Buy on sales

Holiday sales are a great chance to buy cheaper home appliances, furniture, electronics and other items. You can save a lot by planning a serious purchase in advance and monitoring all discount offers. But only in this sequence: realize what you need, find out the approximate cost, get acquainted with discounts and sales and then but. Conversely, impulsive purchases with the word “sale” are not savings, but waste.

Rule#4: Be sure to use bonuses

We cannot always visit shops where the cheapest goods are sold. Very often we do what is more convenient. We buy gas at the gas station on the way to work or home. We take the products in the store where we like quality and assortment the most. If you still go to this gas station and still buy 90% of the products in a particular store, take a bonus card there. They are now almost everywhere. Wrong: you were tempted by bonuses and discounts and now you suffer every time when you go to the wrong store. That’s right: comfort first, then discount.

Rule#5: Quit bad habits

To understand what you can save on, you need to understand what you are paying for. Therefore, recognition of income and expenditure is the first step. Summed up the results of the month, sat down with a list in and think. Pay particular attention to the “tobacco” and “alcohol” items. After all, if you save money, then with health benefits.

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